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South Asian Medical Students' Association is an apolitical,non-profit,non governmental organization registered with the Government of India.
With its motto of 'Service with Conscience,Knowledge With Purpose',the organization aims to promote scientific temper,research aptitude,personality and leadership skill development and selfless service for the cause of humanity.

The organization arranges health camps,exchange programmes, academic seminars and workshops for medical students. Through its activities, the organization strives to bring about a change in the healthcare and medical education system

Registered under Section 8 of The Companies Act,2013,by the Government of India
Reg No:-221376



As COVID-19 has taken the world in it's vicious grip, our medical staffs are working 24*7 to combat the pandemic.
We, at SAMSA, have addressed basic requirements and now we plan to provide them yet another support in terms of mental well-being.

Many a times we tend to forget or are unable to keep up with the work life balance which affects both our mental health and efficiency as physicians.
Thus, keeping in mind the phrase, "Cura te ipsum" we introduce to you a Webinar on Work-Life Balance: A Necessity for Doctors in Times of COVID-19

Dr. Soumitra S. Datta
MD (CMC Vellore), DPM, DNB, MRCPsych, CCT in Child Psychiatry (UK)

Dr. Priyadarshini Bhattacharjee
Director, SAMSA

Meeting ID will be notified to the participants after registration



Let’s take care of each other: A SAMSA initiative

A Pandemic means Trying Times!
And these Trying times demand an infinite amount of mental strength and resilience.

🔵 PPEs and Social Distancing is the norm
🔵 Hospitals are overwhelmed with patients
🔵Quarantine has become a common practice
- This is when Healthcare workers are required to deliver at their optimum with utmost confidence, diligence and speed.

🔒Our ‘locked-in energy’ is being put to the test as we continue to work ceaselessly through the lockdown.

🔴Being human, burn out is only reasonable.
🔴Being human, burn out during a raging pandemic is all the more common.

To prevent a meltdown, Balance is the key. It is only when the mind thinks rationally can the body execute effectively. We at SAMSA aim to prioritise your mental well-being while you combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Save the Saviours

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge with communities and economies everywhere affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the best efforts of the medical fraternity, they can’t completely avoid the risks associated with treating this highly infectious disease.

In a country which spends just a mere 1.2℅ of its GDP to health care and research, it can be predicted that it will surely face many problems. The considerable lack of PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT (PPE) is making the battle one sided for our doctors.

Thus, SAMSA wants to support our heroes to be ready and well-equipped, to bring this pandemic to an end. To that end, we are asking for your help.
Being human it's our moral duty to extend our arms and help to make our heroes stronger.
Whatever you can aid us with, may help to turn the tables and bring this havoc to an end.

However much you can aid us with for this noble cause, will be used to equip our frontline warriors with PPE and other safety gear. They need their protection and our help in the path to victory.


Doctors on Frontlines

The generous donations and support we received, enabled SAMSA to provide NIOSH certified N95 masks and Face Shields, of the best quality, to the doctors working on the frontlines in Kolkata.

We thank the team at Covid Help WB for designing the face shields and helping us in making it available to the doctors in need in such short time.

After a successful phase 1, SAMSA is back with phase 2 of distribution of masks and face shields to healthcare workers working on the frontlines.

NIOSH certified N95 masks and custom made face shields will be delivered to the workplaces of the recipients completely FREE OF COST.

We would like our doctors to fill in the necessary details so that we can provide you with the necessary gears to help you fight better.

South Asian Medical Students' Association

What started with the germ of an idea in the corner of a college-classroom took years of relentless effort to grow into a family, bound by the thirst for knowledge and the passion to serve. The South Asian Medical Students' Association has aspired to foster a sense of togetherness among the community of medical students and to create an environment where curiosity thrives.

Unbroken - 22 Days (SAMSA Official Anthem)

'Service with Conscience, Knowledge With Purpose' - with our motto being the goal that we shall always keep working towards, we present to you the official anthem of the organization! Titled 'Unbroken', this brilliant composition by 22 Days raises a toast to the hard-work put forth by our seniors to take SAMSA to the heights that it has reached today. The name '22 Days' shall ring a bell in the heads of many, given how popular they are in the college fest circuit. The members of the band include third year medical students from ESIC Medical College, namely -
Lead vocalist: Shubham Rai Koirala
Lead guitarist: Arunav Roy
Drummer/Percussionist: Niladri Biswas
Bass guitarist: Abhishek Mondal

Here's hoping that the flag shall always keep flying high!

Wish to be a part of the change?

Just visit our membership page and choose the membership applicable to you.

Want to lend a helping hand to our cause?

Your help is sincerely appreciated and will help us cater to the healthcare needs of the complete spectrum of under-previledged population.