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First Year Bonanza

First-Year-Bonanza : Kreb's Questions

First-Year-Bonanza : Cerebrate

First-Year-Bonanza : Anastomoses

First-Year-Bonanza : Gyrus

SAMSA Webinar Meet the Residents : Ophthalmology


Have you ever wondered what it's like to put the human eye ? under your trustworthy knife? Have you ever wanted to make the biggest changes in a patient's life with the tiniest of all equipments?

Get Cracking : Multiply your chances in multiple choices.


We invite all NEET PG enthusiasts for an in-depth conversation with SAMSA's very own NEET PG guide, Dr. Souvik Sarkar (NEET PG '20 AIR 1414 ; AIIMS NOV '19 AIR 1396), moderated by a NEET PG aspirant himself, Atharva Batwe (Final Year MBBS Student) and promises to be an engaging session that will definitely "multiply your chances in multiple choices"

SAMSA Webinar Meet our Residents: Surgery

Come, join us to get a snapshot of life as a Surgical Resident this weekend.

We, at SAMSA, have organised a Webinar on life as a Resident Surgeon, as a part of our "Meet the Resident" series.

Let's take care of each other

A SAMSA Initiative

Let’s take care of each other


To prevent a meltdown, Balance is the key. It is only when the mind thinks rationally can the body execute effectively. We at SAMSA aim to prioritize your mental well-being while you combat the COVID-19 pandemic.