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MCK touches lives

On 10th March,2018; the Medical College Kolkata Unit of SAMSA with the help of several non-SAMSA members from both Medical College Kolkata and other medical colleges as well, took the clinics from it’s campus to the Banspul primary school in the distant village of Banspul in Madhyamgram, North-24 Parganas.

Banspul Primary School

The invitees were all school kids accompanied by their guardians. 

Children with their parents waiting for checkup

The camp included an all-round experience of journey by crowded trains, riding cycle vans and auto-rickshaws on some of the worst roads. But the joy of travelling together, overcame it all. 

Experiencing the cycle van

The organizers of MCK were really glad that all the 44 volunteers tried to fulfil their part to the best of their abilities and even more.

The volunteer team

All volunteers worked with utmost skill and coordination.

Volunteers at work

Nevertheless, equal importance was also given to the task of spreading awareness on organ donation among the guardians of the children. Overall most didn’t have any idea about organ donation, but we were certianly able to convince some to give a thought to it. We were elated to hear that a lady has already expressed her will to her family, to donate her whole body to Medical College, Kolkata.

The patience of the children and their accompanying guardians is another thing worth a mention. They waited patiently for their turn to have their checkup done, without creating trouble. 

Patience is a real virtue

The school staff were the biggest assistance in management. The teachers there arranged classrooms beforehand and maintained the queue of children. The staff took the pain to provide refreshment to all of us and even prepared mid-day meal for us (probably the first time any of the volunteers ever had) .

The people who made it happen

Last but not the least, the contribution of the interns; who volunteered for the day and the Department of Community Medicine of Medical College Kolkata, which provided the necessary assistance for the event.