Online Classroom

Online Classroom Program

South Asian Medical Students' Association (SAMSA) is starting an online classroom program. We understand that due to the COVID-19 pandemic the academics in almost all colleges have been grossly affected. Even if there wasn't a pandemic, from our own experience, we know how much a senior students' guidance is essential for a junior in the medical school. It's not because a senior student is not more knowledgeable than your professor, but because they are fresh out of the same position that you are currently in and will help lend you first person perspective of clinical learning and approaching professional exams.
These sessions will be held live on Zoom only for our members
Dates for various topics will be announced well in advance any changes will be made known at least 3 days before the scheduled date.
In addition to that, students who are skilled in explaining topics in a efficient and precise manner are welcome to take up tutoring slots. Each slot will be of 30 mins only.

Online classroom is available only for SAMSA members.
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Online classes (SAMSA members only)

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