Healthcare is a symphony composed of medical as well as non-medical professionals. So SAMSA has opened up it's doors to the non-medical students' community.

Presenting before you,

SAMSA Internships

An avenue to help the weaker sections of the society, develop skills through workshops and gather experience by putting one's skill sets to good use.

When you join us as an intern, we provide you with opportunities, to serve people and improve yourself, from time to time.

Becoming an intern is very simple. All it takes is having your CV ready at hand and then just fill the form below. Just fill all the details and the next thing that will happen is that you will become an intern with us.


Hear from the interns what they have to say. Join SAMSA Internships today.

Debjoy Bhowal

Debjoy Bhowal

"Working as an intern at SAMSA exposed us to a lot of great experiences. Starting from being in the amazing health camps joint hosted with CRY to working as a web developer for SAMSA, gave us opportunity to showcase our work . Such a friendly and understanding environment helped us to do our tasks at our own pace and learn while doing it. Thank You SAMSA for all these."

Reshmina Farhin

Reshmina Farhin

"As an intern I got to take part in SAMSA's health camps which showed me the practical conditions of children of our city. It was heart-wrenching to see their plight yet a necessity to know the state of our city. I learned with SAMSA aspects of web-development while contributing to its website in my own little ways. And never to miss out on the set of best doctors who are always around to help you."


Anujeet Roy

Working for SAMSA has been that best first experience an intern can dream for. I learned my skills and how to develop them, and my limits and how to push them while being a part of the friendliest and most understanding team of cheerful, determined and skilled individuals. I learnt my way around PHP and how to analyze technologies for their usability, and helped create a variety different posters and content; and I can't thank SAMSA enough for providing the opportunity.

Volunteering Opportunities


WordPress developer for SAMSA

WordPress is an excellent CMS (Content Management System) that enables anyone to make a website; a necessity in today's cyberspace.

As an NGO, the website represents our face in the virtual space. However, with our limited knowledge in web designing, there is only so much we can do before we meet a road block.

So, under SAMSA Internships program, we offer you an opportunity to volunteer your advanced level knowledge of WordPress, Payment Gateways and Network Security. In return SAMSA will acknowledge your assistance and serve as an experience and a boost to your CV as well.

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Graphics and Animations

Nothing influences our brains more than what our eyes see. An image is essential to build up the necessary momentum that we need in order to achieve our higher goals.

So, in order to put a lasting impression about our activities on the minds of others and to gather necessary support, we need someone with a brain filled with creativity, a colorful eyesight and technical skills of graphics designing and animation skills at finger tips.

Are you the person we are looking for?

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