PLABinar Session 1 pass


Hear from the past PLABbers on how they navigated the choppy waters of the PLAB journey and the tips and hacks to make the path easier



SAMSA is back with yet another thrilling event!

The response received from numerous PLAB aspirants has encouraged us to organise this webinar on PLAB – the steps leading to it and the experience. Meet SIX Doctors, from various countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh as they talk about their episodes with IELTS, PLAB, Job Seeking and Associations. Our speakers will also be addressing your doubts realtime!

So join us, this 16th July at 6:30 pm IST / 2:00 pm BST!!

Register for the PLABINAR for INR 250/- only. SAMSA Members will be attending the event for free.

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