Trauma Management Workshop


What is this life, if full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare” –

Though these lines may have been appealing; but as medical professionals, we all understand the fact that in a life and death situation, standing and staring isn’t an option and we need to care for the patient even more than we possibly can.

SAMSA brings you an enriching and wholesome experience on how to deal with each and every case of trauma in the best way possible and save those golden seconds that decide a victim’s fate

So, this 27th August, save the date, as SAMSA brings you the best experience in trauma management that you can possibly get!!

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This 27th of August, 2019; SAMSA brings you a complete hands on experience in trauma management. No more only long boring lecture sessions, recorded videos and quizzes. We are bringing you proper simulations of various trauma situations and how to handle them.

We understand that trauma management is a multi-disciplinary field which no single specialty can claim complete dominance. So to highlight the interdisciplinary approach, we are bringing together various departments of Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital – 

General surgery
✅ Anesthesia
✅ Neurosurgery
✅ Radiology

The various areas on which we shall be focusing during the course of the workshop –

Introduction to trauma
▶Approach to a case of poly-trauma
▶Airway management & role of anesthesia in trauma
▶Head injury
▶Spinal injury
▶Neck injury
▶Chest injury
▶Abdominal trauma
▶Approach to a case of hemoperitoneum
▶How to manage hemorrhagic shock?
▶ Hollow Viscus injury.
▶Solid organ injury plus damage control surgery
▶Genitourinary trauma
▶ Radiology in trauma

Hoping to see you all at the Anatomy Lecture Theatre (ALT) of Calcutta National Medical College at 10am on 27th August, 2019