Classroom to Clinics

Classroom to Clinics Program

We at SAMSA believe that in order to truly help others, it is essential that we ourselves are not only knowledgeable but also are able to correlate all the textual knowledge in our clinical practices.

Thus Classroom to Clinics program was born.

Under the expert guidance of a panel of faculty members, we have high hopes for this program to give rise to skilled doctors in the days to come.

Case of the Week

Case Brief
A 45 year old male presents to the emergency department after RTA. He was sitting beside the driver in the front seat and as per him he was wearing his seat belt which is evidenced by an imprint abrasion on his chest and abdomen.On general examination pulse is 120/min , Blood Pressure is 90/60 and Pallor ++.The patient is alert conscious and oriented with GCS-15/15.There is tenderness in the right side of the chest .There is diffuse tenderness to palpation but no rigidity or rebound tenderness.No other visible signs of injury are present.
1.How will you manage this patient in a stepwise manner?
2.What are the most likely injuries in this patient?
Dr. Rupesh Pakrashi
M.S. General Surgery Resident
Calcutta National Medical College
South Asian Medical Students' Association