Classroom to Clinics

Classroom to Clinics Program

We at SAMSA believe that in order to truly help others, it is essential that we ourselves are not only knowledgeable but also are able to correlate all the textual knowledge in our clinical practices.

Thus Classroom to Clinics program was born.

Under the expert guidance of a panel of faculty members, we have high hopes for this program to give rise to skilled doctors in the days to come.

Case of the Week

Case Briefing

A 45 year old man presents to the emergency with severe upper abdominal pain.The pain is constant and extremely severe.The patient is admitted and blood tests reveal the following-
Haematocrit- 40%
WBC count - 19000
Blood glucose- 250 mg/dl
LDH- 360 units/L
AST- 270 units/L
Serum Calcium- 6.6/dl
Patient is given IV fluids and kept NPO with NG suction.The next day it is noted his haematocrit drops further ,BUN is increased, arterial Po2 is decreased and there is metabolic acidosis.CT scan shows the following picture (image given).There is no history of alcohol intake.The patient reveals he was previously diagnosed with gallstones for which he did not seek treatment.
1.What is your diagnosis?
2.What is the Pathophysiology of this disease?
3.How will you determine the prognosis of this patient?
4.How will you treat this patient?


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