Classroom to Clinics

Classroom to Clinics Program

We at SAMSA believe that in order to truly help others, it is essential that we ourselves are not only knowledgeable but also are able to correlate all the textual knowledge in our clinical practices.

Thus Classroom to Clinics program was born.

Under the expert guidance of a panel of faculty members, we have high hopes for this program to give rise to skilled doctors in the days to come.

Case of the Week

Case briefing

A 70 year old man is brought in by his son, who complains angrily to the doctor about how long he and his 70 year old father had to wait in the out patient department before the doctor was able to see them.

What would be the physician's best response in this situation ?


Diagnosis - The above behaviour can be considered normal in the given scenario. Also no specific diagnosis can be made based on a single incident.

This typical scenario and it's management has 3 specific component
1. Emergency management : though the patient and caregiver has opted to visit OPD setting, due to changed scenario and anger outburst they should be attended to briefly, and sent for TRIAGE at casualty department, where they should be coded properly, seen by emergency medical officer, basic care should be provided and based on seriousness of condition, can be sent back to OPD again with given time slot.
2 . Psychological care :
Attend to the patient and caregiver with compassion and empathy.
Best Verbal statement in this situation would be " I am very sorry you had to wait so long. How can we do better in the future? "
Explain the procedure and system at OPD
Stay non judgemental.
3. Legal care :
Most importantly,
Document every step with time at each point of contact.
Stay empathic but clear about rules and process followed at OPD.
Best Answer- Upasana Yadav, IMCHRC,Indore
Case and Answer provided by Dr Tanay Maiti (MBBS, DPM, DNB Psych,Senior Resident at Dept. Of Psychiatry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar)


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