The Official Newsletter of SAMSA

SAMSA Journal

Maya Angelou had once said,
"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." The SAMSA Journal aims to be that media which hosts and boasts your untold story.

With SAMSACON'19 knocking at the door, we are proud to inform you, that The Journal will be released consecutively too!
And for it's success we need you and your participation.

So, please do come up with articles, paintings, poems or writeups regarding any medical experience or scenario, any unique case or some new scientific discovery!

The last date for submission will be the 30th of November.

And as they say,
'You can always edit a bad page;
But you can't edit a blank page.'

So, do come up with your entries and get a chance to be featured on our Journal!

*Please login via My Account tab in the menu before attempting submission*