The Path to Your Dream



The Path to Your Dream




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Getting in Medical School is a dream come true! Often after completing our Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree we are faced with a dilemma. What comes next? Which specialty? What kind of healthcare system do we want to work in? Many of us want to explore beyond what we already know. Many young doctors harbour a dream of practicing in the UK. We at SAMSA shall help make your journey a little easier by explaining PLAB step-by-step through this series of videos. It covers PLAB- IELTS, OET, VISA, the Exam and a special discussion with Dr. Ganjan. Hope PLABINAR makes your pathway to the UK clearer and stronger than ever before!

Plabinar : IELTS

Plabinar : OET

Plabinar : VISA

Plabinar : PLAB Examination

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