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  1. Project UDAAN fundraiser

    Children are the most vulnerable population, especially with regard to health care. They will grow up to become future citizens of tomorrow and the future of the nation is in their hands. So it is essential to ensure that no child suffers from lack of access to quality healthcare. So, we the doctors and medical students of South Asian Medical Students’ Association have initiated Project UDAAN in collaboration with Child Rights and You (CRY) to reach out to these under-privileged children to provide basic medications where ever possible and connect them to tertiary health care set-up wherever necessary.
    Rs.0.00 donated of Rs.500,000.00 goal
  2. Project SAHARA fundraiser

    Project SAHARA is an initiative by South Asian Medical Students’ Association to promote health among the aged population who have been deprived of the proper care that they are worthy of, after years of service. We provide proper health check up with follow-up camps as well and provide medications. In cases where they need further care, we take upon ourselves to ensure that they receive those treatments. You can also be a part of the change.

    Rs.25,600.00 donated of Rs.200,000.00 goal
  3. Reinforce our activities

    In a world where everything comes at a price, putting in our best still puts us in a spot where we find ourselves unable to do more; even with a will to do so. You may not be able to directly take part in our activities, but you can always support our activities. Rest assured, not a bit of your contribution will go in vain.

    Rs.2,500.00 donated