Collaboration with IIMC

As part of SAMSA’s ongoing collaboration with IIMC (Institute for Indian Mother and Child),a three-day programme for awareness on healthcare issues was organized on the 5th,6th and 10th of this month at IIMC,Sonarpur.

On day 1 (5/10/18)
On the 5th of October, Aurundeep Ghosh from SAMSA, presented on the topic ‘Mosquito Borne Diseases’ at IIMC. The session was attended by the health workers at the institute, who thoroughly enjoyed it and considered it to be a great learning experience for themselves. His talk was followed by another one, presented by a group of students from Italy who spoke on common skin diseases. The participants took an active interest in the presentation and enthusiastically interacted with the presenters.

On day 2(6/10/18)
SAMSA members Sumanta Mazumder and Aishika Bose spoke about the importance of general and menstrual hygyiene, and stressed how the youth must be at the forefront of inculcation and promulgation of practices aimed at maintaining a good hygeine
Teachers of preprimary schools formed the bulk of the audience.The IIMC interns spoke about woman empowerment.

Day 3(10/10/18)
Aayush Bhadani and Oishi Roychowdhuri of SAMSA spoke about contagiousness of diseases and proper care of a pregnant woman.The session was an interactive one,that provided plenty of insight into antenatal care , the plight of Indians at the hands of infectious diseases and of course,various ways of surmounting these difficulties.