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Organ Donation: A Path To Eternity

On 17th March ’18, South Asian Medical Students Association organized a seminar on theme organ donation for medical students of the city. Faculty from forensic department and Urology department of NRSMCH and SSKM Hospital respectively participated and addressed the students about medico-legal aspects of organ donation, the current scenario of organ transplantation in the world and in Bengal, and the psychology of the patients and their families relating to this, common myths, etc. Dr. Aditi Kishore Sarkar (ADHS) and Dr. Siddharth Neogi (DDHS) also graced the event with their presence and addressed the students about the need for the young generation of doctors to take this issue up and to promote organ donation.

Dr. Siddharth Neogi (DDHS) addressing the students

A creative writing event on the theme was also conducted.

Dr. Aditi Kishore Sarkar (ADHS) awards the winner of the creative writing competition

This was followed by a organ pledging drive under which doctors, hospital staff and students pledged their organs with the SAMSA registry for organ donors that will share all data with NOTTO and ROTTO.