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SAMSA takes Organ Donation awareness to the Corporate world

Organ Donation is a very new and not well understood concept. It is something that is not just restricted to the world of medical science only. It is a social issue as well, because in order to donate our organs or those of our loved ones. When our loved ones take leave of the world, it is a tough time for anyone. It’s not a time when we are in the frame of mind to accept something like donating the organs of our loved ones. So it is essential that our minds are prepared to accept a thing like organ donation.

We, at SAMSA, recognize the fact and have tied up with Young Indians (a partner NGO), to take the awareness program to the busy corporate world. With that objective in mind, we have already undertaken several awareness events in several companies across Kolkata.

1.) PS group office , E.M. Bypass on 21st July, 2018

2.) Old passport office building on 1 August 2018

3.) Jain Tower on 4th August, 2018

4.) Goyel Transport Office on 9th August, 2018

We hope that one day, with our dedicated efforts, we will be able to make death of people in need of an organ transplant a thing of past.

Wishing everyone a successful Organ Donation Day.

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