You are currently viewing Seminar on ORGAN & TISSUE DONATION AND TRANSPLANTATION at ESIC Medical College


Act and Bioethics of Organ Donation by Dr. Sailesh Parate

Mr. Buddha Das, Bengal Organ Donor’s Association.

Lecture on Organ retrieval and transplantation by Dr. Jyotirmay Kirtania

Brain and Cardiac Death by Prof. (Dr.) Sumanta Kumar Ghosh

Organ Donation scenario in India by Prof. (Dr.) Joya Ghosh

Myths and Barriers by Dr. Susmita Chaudhuri

Grief counselling by Dr. Avik Chakraborty

Organ donation & transplantation by Dr. Sudipa Biswas

On 19th December,2017, ESIC Medical college conducted an interactive seminar on Organ Donation and transplantation, in it's academic building. The event was attended by 178 people, among which 25 were SAMSA members and the remaining 153 were non-SAMSA members. 25 nursing students also attended the program. The seminar was directed at all students of medical science, their parents and relatives, Medical College Professors, ICU and nursing staff of ESIC Medical College.

The initiative aimed at creating awareness about brain death and organ donation among the medical professionals as well as the transplantation, preservation and retrieval procedures.

The ESIC team also attempted to use audo-visuals like videos and short films as well as other forms of entertainment like dance and songs, as a method to motivate people.

Solo Song Performance

Dance Performance for Awareness


The program brought together people from different domains, to achieve the common objective of promoting organ donation.

Unity in Diversity