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A step towards a brighter future

Still think that medical professionals are too proud to collaborate with non-medical professionals? Still living in the virtual world where the responsibility of ensuring health and welfare of the community lie with certain group of individuals only? Well, think again.

Look around you, from grassroots to the topmost tier, health care of the community depends not only upon the doctors but also on the engineers, basic science researchers, administrators and other members of the community. 

So SAMSA has decided to open it’s doors for non-medicos to help us serve people, in a way that benefits the participants as well.

SAMSA Internships, the name by which the venture will be known, is destined to be a force which will bridge medical and non-medical professionals and lead us to a world of better healthcare.

So don’t just sit there and scroll away, JOIN THE SAMSA INTERNSHIPS PROGRAM NOW. Click here to apply.